Invoice Payment

This guide is intended to assist customers who wish to pay for their order using a bank transfer.

Please note that if you prefer to pay for our services by Credit Card or through PayPal, you will also receive an invoice and a receipt confirming the payment.

If you need help placing an order, we have prepared a separate guide on «How to Order».

To make a payment via bank transfer, select the «Bank Transfer (by Invoice)» option on the checkout page  and click the «Payment» button.

Afterward, we will generate an invoice that includes all your details, our banking information, order information, tax details, and other mandatory invoice information.

Since we won't receive immediate payment information from the bank, you can send us confirmation after the payment to, and we will promptly begin processing your order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at, and we will be sure to assist you.

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