About Us

Welcome to i-BVI.com, your trusted partner for obtaining information about companies registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

We are a team of professionals specializing in providing company reports and access to vital documents and data related to businesses in the BVI. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to delivering information from corporate registries, ensuring thousands of our clients have access to current and reliable information.

What we offer:

  1. Company Reports: We provide detailed reports on companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. More information about this service can be found on the «Services & Examples» page.

  2. Company Documents: We offer access to official documents and records from the Registry of Corporate Affairs, including List of Directors, Memorandum, Articles, a wide range of Certificates, and other documents.

  3. Custom Documents Requests: If you haven't found a specific document or service on our website, please contact us, and we will find a tailored solution to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always ready to help you access the information you require.

Thank you for choosing i-BVI.com.

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